Avant-Garde Art and Artists in Mexico: Anita Brenner’s Journals of the Roaring Twenties

Book design and print production


9 x 10 inches, 2 volumes slip cased
901 pages, 597 images
Published 2010


The largest book I have ever had the privilege to work on, Avant-Garde Art and Artist in Mexico presented a myriad of design and production challenges. Namely, correcting and preparing all 1,000+ pieces of artwork and photographs for reproduction on an offset press and then working with the binder to build the specialty slip case. In Mexico City, a coterie of artists including Diego Rivera, José Clemente Orozco, and David Alfaro Siqueiros explored how art could forward revolutionary ideals—and, in the process, spent countless hours talking, gossiping, arguing, and partying in what would come to be called the Mexican Renaissance. Into this milieu came Anita Brenner, in her early twenties already trying her hand as a journalist, art critic, and anthropologist. Her journals of the period 1925 to 1930 vividly transport us to this vital moment in Mexico, when building a "new nation" was the goal.